Since launching WordAds earlier this year we are proud to have launched advertising on thousands of WordPress.com sites. Our goal has been to free bloggers from the weight of managing the complex and fast moving online advertising arena. Thanks to our negotiation leverage with advertisers and technical resources, WordAds is delivering returns that bloggers would not see on their own.

There is much that we want to accomplish in the remainder of the year. Here’s our road-map as well as common requests that are not on the road-map:

  • Transition more sites to Optimized Ads. Many sites don’t want to have more ads and they can stay with Basic Ads. Others want to earn more per page. We are working to get more approvals from advertisers for those sites.
  • Ads layout choices. We plan to roll-out an easy, self-service way for WordAds users to switch between Basic Ads and Optimized Ads.

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Author: Egill

Wizard of Ads at Automattic / WordPress.com

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